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Tempest's shows and serials - at a glance.

We love making audio. Drama, documetary, comedy, history - our output is wide and covers just about anything you might want to hear. Our home-grown productions sit alongside some memorable collaborations with other artists, makers and podcasters. Here's our at-a-glance guide to all our shows and serials.

Your Most Avid Reader

A compelling multi-layered mystery drama about literary ambition and past sins.


Mysterious and unsettling audio stories and dramas for lovers of Tales of the Unexpected and Black Mirror.

The Kiss - The Women who Made a Movie Masterpiece

A ground-breaking documentary about the making of an all-woman film in 1930s Germany, described by Sight & Sound as "non-fiction story-telling at its best".


Short stories of every genre by award-winning writers brought to life by beautiful voices.


Unforgettable one-off original dramas and works of fiction.

London Epitaphs

The incredible true stories behind the gravestones in a South London cemetery.

The Neuromantics

Exploring the surprising and fascinating interface between neuroscience and literature.

Brief Tales

Eye-opening and moving true stories from the police custody suite.


Eavesdrop into some bizarre phone calls in this gloriously eccentric comedy series.

Fanshaw - An Audio Advent Calendar

Twenty-four audio doors for you to open with this uniquely entertaining and mysterious Christmas Special - featuring a host of familiar Tempest voices.


Trailers for books and shows with that special Tempest touch.

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